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Pictures A 1,000 Words

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Man in the Moon 

When I was four, my Aunt Thelma came in one night

to check on me & foud me awake, staring at the moon. What are you doing? she said. I said, "I want the "man

in the moon." 

Jon Christian Merkel was my "man in the moon." In 1967, we dated three months & married on my 23rd birthday in September when he was in Texas & I was in California. Then in February we had a huge wedding with all of our friends. I wore a white crepe jumpsuit covered in lace. The surprise came when he found pants as he removed the garter. 

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Little Red Honda Car 

 Jon & I arrived in Sai-Gon Viet-Nam in August 1968. We moved into a French villa that had a front yard and a goldfish pond. We bought a little red Honda car. I loved driving the Honda 90 klicks down Cach Manh. I felt like I was a race car driver. Once when I had ladies riding with me, the car caught on fire. I pulled over on Cong Ly & some kind Vietnamese man stopped, opened the hood, and pulled out a wire, & the fire went out. We thanked him & drove on to the Cercle Sportif for a swim. 

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Classical Thai Dancing ~ Bangkok 

Merk & I took STO, scheduled time off, frequently to Bangkok. I had lived there three months when we first came to Southeast Asia while Merk went on to Sai-Gon to work & evaluate living conditions. I loved Bangkok. The Buddhist temples were a fairie land with gold leaf temples reflecting in the Asian sun. One holiday we saw Thai classical dancing. It was the best of times and the worse of time  the war ever present in our minds. 

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